Airsoft Guns And Accessory Packages

Airsoft Guns And Accessory Packages

Getting involved in airsoft can seem like a difficult and expensive task. Other than an airsoft gun, a new player will also need a mask, some BBs, a battery and some other small pieces. For those who have never played airsoft before and want to give it a try, a package deal is sometimes the best solution. Hobbytron carries many airsoft package deals that are ideal for beginners as they come packaged with everything needed to get started in the exciting world of airsoft. These package deals are an excellent option for those who want to try airsoft before making the commitment to an expensive, high end airsoft gun.

One of the most popular package deals is the G36C Assault Rifle Package. This package includes an electric G36C airsoft gun, bag of 1000 BBs and airsoft mask from Scott. The mask from Scott is included in all package deals and is a great mask for beginners or the most advanced players. The gun fires 200FPS using the included BBs and has a working hopup system. It comes with a laser sight and flashlight for attachment and clear magazines with faux bullets inside for that realistic look.

Another great package deal for those who prefer being a little farther back from the action is this SG 550 Sniper Rifle Package. This package includes a Scott airsoft mask and 1000 BBs. The included gun is an SG 550. This is a sniper-style assault rifle with a full stock and adjustable bipod. The bipod is great for placing steady shots and setting up behind cover or while prone. The gun fires around 200FPS with the included BBs and has a magazine capacity of 150.

The M3 Grease Gun Package is ideal for those who want a smaller gun for CQB scenarios, or just like the look of the unique Grease Gun. This package also comes with the Scott airsoft mask and 1000 BBs. The gun fires around 150FPS using the included BBs and is complete with a 200+20 round magazine. This package also includes a sling for the M3 Grease Gun and safety glasses that are great for other players who don't have a mask.

The TSD T-Rex Shotgun and M1911 Pistol Pack is slightly different from the other package deals as it comes with no mask but two guns. These two guns are both spring-powered and have extremely reliable operation. The T-Rex shotgun is great for CQB situations as a primary weapon, and the M1911 is an excellent side arm. The M1911 is one of the most recognizable handguns in the world and this model comes with a tactical rail system for various attachments. The package comes with a sample bag of BBs and a speed loader for hassle-free magazine loading.

One final package deal that is extremely popular is the Bunker AK-47 Assault Rifle Package. This includes the mask and 1000 BBs and the gun itself shoots 225FPS using the included BBs. This is a spring gun with a bipod for precise shots. The bipod on this gun folds up so it makes a great support weapon, sniper rifle or assault rifle. This gun's magazine holds 150 rounds and it makes an excellent first airsoft rifle for those interested in the sport.

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