Figuring out The Kinds of Airsoft Guns That Appropriate For A Player

Figuring out The Kinds of Airsoft Guns That Appropriate For A Player

There are different types of airsoft guns you can use on the game depending on your needs. These guns are high powered guns and represents different characteristics for players. If you are a beginner and would like to know the best gun to use in the field, I advice that you read below for further understanding about the factors it involves.

Spring Type Gun

This is a replica of a real high powered gun when you see this kind of airsoft gun because they have similarities as for the shape, size and weight of deadly weapons you mostly see used by military men, and this also called spring gun. Although this kind of gun best suits beginners of airsoft game, veterans still prefer to use this because of its usefulness, efficiency and of course cheaper.

Unlike other pistols, this is not automatic and you have to cock the spring to shoot that's why this is cheaper but suitable for beginners. Although this gun is not semi or automatic airsoft guns, the other advantages of this gun includes durability, reliability, and great for target shooting and accurately shoot in about 85 feet. You call it reliable for the fact that you do not need batteries. All you need is strong power and BBS to greatly pull the large spring.

Electric Type Airsoft

This type of gun is more powerful than spring airsoft gun because it can be used for semi and automatic firing. Another great advantage of this type of gun is that it can be used for any type of climate which is the disadvantage of spring gun. It has the ability to function perfectly in any climate like winter, summer and rainy season that could dominate other players.

This gun uses batteries to work and to be able to shoot on your target unlike the spring gun which is manual. Since it is an automatic pistol, you can fire multiple times by holding down the trigger and it will load and fire repeatedly to your target and will not stop unless you release the trigger. The disadvantage of this pistol is that it could sometimes run out of batteries and if you do not have reserved battery, it would be useless which is not good if you are in the middle of the fight. Use rechargeable batteries and always provide additional one during the fight.

Gas Type Airsoft

This is the most reliable pistol among the three airsoft guns. For environmental purposes, this gun was banned from many countries and also in many states in America because it uses gas. But with the use of nitrogen, it paves it way to make gas pistol to become legal to use. It created advantages for players because it became more reliable and environmentally safe to use. The compressed gas is what makes this gun powerful among the other because the gas makes it to function automatically and effectively.

Gas airsoft guns are powered by different types of gas like nitrogen, Red gas, CO2, Green gas and HFC-134a. Nitrogen is a high powered gas and environmentally friendly and the Red gas should only be used in cold weather because it could easily damage hot climate.

You may still find to try other kinds of gun in the market but all the list above are highly recommended to airsoft playing.

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