Save Phace Airsoft Guns

Save Phace Airsoft Guns

Save Phace is a mask company that has been around for a while now. They started off making "Sport Utility Masks", which are marketed towards fishermen, ATV/Motocross riders, Army personnel and the like. Around 2007 they released their tactical series, with impact-resistant lenses approved for use in airsoft and paintball.

The big selling point of these masks is the custom graphics. They are extremely cool looking, with masks that can make you look like anything from Skeletor to Master Chief. They also sell plain masks intended to be painted by the user, and they will do a unique one-off design for those who aren't particularly artistic.

The top of the mask has a forehead protector, which most people will probably remove for airsoft purposes. They come with an attachable visor that can replace the forehead protector to give that more classical airsoft mask feel. Without the visor or forehead protector attached, they fit well under a helmet.

One feature that is really nice is quick change lenses. Anybody who's done a lot of skiing or snowboarding knows that while a tinted lens is perfect on a bluebird day, it is less than ideal in fog and more or less unusable at night. The option to own a couple of lenses and switch them out easily as needed is very useful indeed.

The masks come in various trim levels which is interesting. The cheapest ones come with just a mask, and the most expensive come with an extra lens, mask bag and extra foam. Yes, some of the masks have replaceable and washable foam. Now, the foam in any decent quality mask is pretty durable and will last for years, but the option to wash it is certainly intriguing. The inside of most masks doesn't smell entirley appealing. The foam is also hypo-allergenic, which for some people is probably a godsend.

The masks are made out of a different plastic than most masks. Paintball players gripe about this but thankfully in airsoft we don't have to wear specific gear to make projectiles bounce off our bodies instead of exploding on them, so this is a total non-issue.

The masks are well-ventilated and feature good anti-fog lenses. The lenses have a great range of vision; they are more the shape of Oakley Crowbars or Electric EG2s than other paintball/airsoft masks. Good peripheral vision and great visual range when looking down.

A wide range of accessories are available for Save Phace masks. The classic fans are available, but other options include full communication devices and a device for plugging an mp3 player into the mask. Lenses are available in clear and a few different tints. Double-paned lenses are available in clear, yellow, and smoked.

The masks are quite low profile, which can be a blessing or curse depending on preference. They claim that the masks fit 96% of the world's population, and they are correct in their claim that it is very comfortable. It also seems roomier somehow on the inside than most masks. There are no screws near your face either. This may not seem like a big deal but after wearing a mask for ten years screws start to rust which isn't nice if they are near the mouth area, believe me.

Overall Save Phace makes some very solid, quality masks. There is no glaring reason not to get one, so no one can feel bad about buying one just for the sweet graphics. On top of that, the quick change lens system is incredibly convenient and the visual range is excellent. Well done, sirs.

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