Why Women Prefer Z Force Stun Guns


Why Women Prefer Z Force Stun Guns

Of all stun guns available in the market, the Z-Force stun gun is the most suitable self defense device for women. Z-Force stun guns come in a variety of shapes and capacities. They are built with a three-finger grip on one side, making it especially comfortable for women to hold.Z-Force stun guns also come with a handy wrist strap. Women especially love this feature since it makes them even easier to use.

There are many more reasons women rave about Z-Force stun guns. For instance, they are handy and pocket-sized, making them extremely easy and compact to fit into any woman's purse. Also, they are ever so easy to find and grab inside a woman's purse.

Moreover, they are extremely affordable, and are non-lethal. This means that they are approved to be used in many American states. More importantly, stun guns do not require prior training, and are so easy to use. All you need to do is to touch your attacker with the stun gun for 2 to 5 seconds, and leave the rest to this magical device. It will transmit enough electric currents to disable your attacker from functioning and moving properly for a period that could last up to 60 minutes. This will give you ample time to escape from the dangerous situation and seek help from police or security authorities.

Z-Force stun guns come in unique and incredibly slim styles and shapes, making them so comfortable for women to hold. They are available in 100,000 and 300,000-volt models. Touching your attacker for 2 to 5 seconds will deliver a high-voltage shock, causing him or her to be confused and disoriented. Although the device causes no severe damage to your assaulter, it will cause sufficient temporary paralysis, which will allow you to run away and call for help.

Z-Force stun guns operating on 100,000 volts use only one battery, whereas 300,000-volt Z-Force stun guns operate on two batteries. The only types of batteries that can operate the Z-force stun guns are Energizer batteries.

Z-Force stun guns are built for women and to protect women. No matter how big or scary your attacker might appear, he or she will not tolerate the electric charges coming from your stun gun. The device will shock your attacker and will temporarily paralyze him or her. The electric shock produced by the device is unbearable, and causes excruciating pain to the recipient. As a result, Z-Force stun guns will keep you safe.

The most important factor that determines the effectiveness of a stun gun is a woman's ability to use it. Thankfully, Z-Force stun guns are incredibly easy to use and do not require any preparation. Moreover, you should invest in a high quality device that causes enough temporary damage to enable you to escape. There is nothing worse than shocking your attacker for only a minute or two. This is why women favor Z-Force stun guns: they cause temporary paralysis for an adequate amount of time, allowing them to escape from the scene and seek professional help.


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