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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mona Lisa's Secret Hidden Animals . . . And More

Mona Lisa's Secret Hidden Animals . . . And More

"Yes there square measure animals hidden within the Anglesea Lisa, however you do not ought to look sideways to ascertain them," says inquiring author Scott Lund, UN agency is back in l.  a.   once his groundbreaking presentation of the painting's secrets in Rome on 9/10/11. Lund has simply discharged new visualizations that determine surprising figures within the rock formations on the left facet of {leonardo|Leonardo|Leonardo prosecutor Vinci|da Vinci|old master|sculptor|sculpturer|carver|statue maker|engineer|applied scientist|technologist|architect|designer} da Vinci's picture masterpiece, additionally called "La Gioconda" and "La Joconde." Clearly seen is that the figure of St. St. Christopher carrying the Christ kid and 3 owls of various species sorted along.

"Since I 1st created my findings of the Anglesea Lisa Code public, there has been a flurry of individuals with some rather far-fetched interpretations of secret symbols," says Lund, UN agency emphasizes that the painting isn't a projective technique. "What's completely different regarding the pictures i'm showing is that they need clear that means at intervals the context of a survey line that sculpturer planned between the residence and also the birthing cult practices at Lake Nemi close to Rome. it's the alternative ends of this land survey that square measure smartly pictured within the 2 inconsistent sides of the Anglesea Lisa's background."

Lund says the figure of St. St. Christopher and also the babe correspond precisely to the spot wherever infinite thousands of expectant mothers created journeying to the renowned spring of birthing god liliopsid genus because it empty into Lake Nemi. additionally nearby--just on the far side the rocky ridge fashioned within the likeness of the 3 owls--were the cult activities of Diana, another god of birthing UN agency was branded because the supreme mother of European witchery. The Italian word for "witch" additionally suggests that "owl," and coins of Diana at Lake Nemi show her as a quantitative god, so inspiring  Leonardo's three-owl depiction.

In his recently discharged illustration, Lund shows that sculpturer got his inspiration for the hid owls from Greek and Roman coins. Most notable is that the alikeness of the bird of Minerva on the left of the rocky formation with the Athens bird of Minerva that was sealed on one in every of the foremost cosmopolitan coins in antiquity. "The bird of Minerva on the correct could be a 'horned owl'--a species sculpturer wrote regarding thanks to its exceptional night-seeing ability," says Lund.

"The composition of St. St. Christopher with the Christ kid jumping into Lake Nemi is classic applied scientist. Once you see wherever it's within the painting it pops right out at you. you simply cannot build these items up," says Lund.

Among different things, Lund has incontestible the Anglesea Lisa to be a sister project to the Tempietto di architect, that is intersected by Leonardo's survey line. "It appears quite fitting that the foremost picture painting of all time would be the symbolic equivalent of the foremost icon of Renaissance design," says Lund, UN agency notes that the little chapel's circular style was impressed by the temples of the Vestal Virgins UN agency were additionally active at Lake Nemi. The Tempietto is closely-held by the Spanish government and Lund is awaiting an educational response to his findings from the honorary society of Kingdom of Spain in Rome, properly called the Royal world DE Kingdom of Spain linear unit Roma (RAER).

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